As our home should be the most comfortable place that we can stay at, the mission of improving your household is heading towards eco-friendly concept which is, according to some people, a way of life. We tend to make homes green and eco-friendly so we could swap disposable for compostable.


Solar & Energy Efficiency

We utilize energy to its highest potentials through solar panels that are tested at STC but also extreme conditions like snow, or heavy rainings. Monocrystalline solar panels are mostly used in our work.

Yard & Garden
Our concept of eco home extends to the back of your garden so instead of chemical fertilizers, we use bone meal, fish emulsion or other organic ingredients for your garden.

Furniture & Home Decor

Equip your home with eco-friendly furniture made of local walnut wood and hang abstract drawings, painted on the eco-friendly wood, on your walls to make everything more greeny. Pick any size you like.

We Make it Easy to Eco

Since we have been long in the green concept, we are proud to say that we ensure all our customers 100% eco-friendly products. Now you could ask how can we be so sure? Well, we have several guidance lines that assisted us through our career.

– Product Selection Criteria

We select only the best material by thorough reviews that are conducted by several eco HI experts

-Certificates And Colleagues

We are a legit company that possesses eco certificates and approvals which are the proof of high-quality. Colleagues and partnerships like our concept so we share business deals with them.


  • Mark Crawford

    They are a great company that approaches professionally to each client, regardless of their need. The first time I needed someone to consult with about the eco concept and the guy was really helpful! The second time I gave them full freedom to build my home and it is a fantastic little green oasis now!

  • Christian Weiss

    Asked for advice and ended up buying products from them. Helpful tips, kind people and open to any suggestion, these guys are the real deal !10/10 recommendation!

  • Lisa Robertson

    I did not know how to start with creating my eco garden and I decided to give them a call. They came very next day and drafted a concept for my garden!

  • John Lukowitz

    Been buying from them for more than six years! I buy various products, from furniture to pictures and I have never had any issue!


Vision and Strategy for the Future

Our strategy for the future is to continue to participate in the creation of technologies, and in research and scientific debates that contribute to the improvement of ecological products, but also to the manner in which they are applied so that eco home improvement will become an increasingly accessible and desirable solution for every household and company over time. Our vision is that in time the world will be able to live in harmony with nature rather than opposite to it.

Why call us

Each member of our team is highly skilled. Our company cooperates only with the highest quality suppliers that are at the top of their business for a long time. We work exclusively with quality materials so that you will not have problems with them even after the warranty expires. We take care that every part of the system is best done to serve as long as possible for those who use it.