Removing Bed Bugs: How To Get Rid Of Them Efficiently?

Bedbugs are small insects that infest our beds and can quickly infest the area before we notice. These small, almost invisible to eyes, bugs lay down their eggs in your bed and spread the population further. They cannot kill you, but can cause unpleasant itchiness and leave red marks on the body due to the excessive scratches.

One of the best companies for removing these insects called Green Earth to offer us some of the effective steps that will help you to remove the bedbugs.

Make sure to know all the infested areas

The primary step in the process of recovery is to identify the area that is infested and that you need to sanitize. You can search the bed on your own. Inspect every seam of the curtain or bed to make sure there is no population.

Bedbug On Mattress
Bedbug In Bed

You can find these pests usually near the tags of mattresses, cracks in the bed frame, furniture joints or couch cushions as well as under the wallpaper. We highly recommend you using a flashlight and a magnifying glass to make sure you do not miss anything out. The one thing that reveals the presence of bedbugs are the reddish stains on the mattresses.

Isolate the infested area

The next step is to keep the colony under the monitoring and isolate it to prevent further expansion. The best way to do this is to use a vacuum cleaner with the dedicated bag that you will dispose of. You can vacuum bed, dressers, carpets and even home appliances like TV or Stereo System.

Removing Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs Is Big Problem For Your Health

Once you finish the vacuuming, wash all your linens and cloths to prevent any possibility of keeping even the single insect. If something cannot be placed in the washing machine, it would best to throw it away. If you cannot afford it, then place it in the plastic bags or containers and leave it there for some months to kill the bugs. Then wash the clothes.

Prepare the area for disinfestation

The next step is to sanitize the whole area to kill any remaining population. Remove any linens, carpets, magazines or clothes. Throw it away or clean the clothes properly. Just have in mind that you should not move any things from the room that is infested into the room that is free of bedbugs.

If there is any wallpaper that is hanging out, make sure to glue it. You want to close all the gaps, move the furniture away from the walls and close any wall cracks.

Get rid of the bedbugs

To remove them, you can wash your clothes in hot water for 30 minutes and after you clean them, place them in the dryer and make sure it is drying out at least 30 minutes. You can use steamers to make sure there is no bug is left in the couches, mattresses or sofas. The heat, which has to be over 46 Celsius degrees, kills them and prevents the spreading. Also, freeze all clothes that might contain these pests and leave in the fridge for three days.