Why choose wooden ecological furniture?

Wooden ecological furniture is made of solid wood. When finishing, no lacquers, even water-based, are used, but only vegetable oils or waxes. Wooden ecological furniture is made of solid wood. The most common types of wood are oak, beech, ash, and fir.

There are several basic reasons why it’s good to decide on wooden ecological furniture. When creating products, the health of workers participating in various production processes is not compromised. It is especially important to emphasize that, since there is no finishing of varnishes – there are no toxic vapors in the atmosphere. In this way, the environment is already protected at the time of production itself. Furthermore, when it comes to an office or home, wooden ecological furniture is a source of health because it comes from a healthy forest.

wooden furniture

Quality and characteristics of ecological furniture

The product is extremely long-lasting, and in a certain way “saves” further use of a wood raw material. It can also serve as a moisture regulator. After all, since they do not use artificial materials – there are no hazardous radiation and vapors in the room, as is the case with furniture from a chipboard and lacquered media pan panels. Wooden furniture finished with vegetable oils has the possibility of future restoration. In the event of damage, it is very easy to repair it without major interventions.


The design, which is referred to as “eco-design” in this case, has the following task: to shape a natural form into something that we will use on a daily basis. At the end of its life story, wooden ecological furniture is fully recyclable because it is biodegradable, which of course is not the case with furniture from artificial materials. It returns completely back to nature from which we just borrowed it.

Asian origin

Beautiful, comfortable, easy to maintain and move, furniture from bamboo and rattan has been among the most sought after for years, not only for furnishing cafes and terraces but also for decorating your home. Natural materials of Asian origin have many advantages over wood or plastic, and their exploitation does not disturb the ecological balance. Unlike wood, bamboo and rattan are quickly renewed.


Due to the wooden stem, it is suitable for making furniture. Convenient and simple, the products of this material are extremely sturdy, elastic and light so they do not visually load the space. Bamboo is also used to produce floor coverings that are longer and more flexible than many types of wood, while at the same time they look exotic and elegant.


This is especially popular for garden sets because it is extremely humid. Rattan is easily shaped and well received, so it can be found in all nuances. It is suitable for making furniture of simple shapes, but skilled masters can create gorgeous forms that capture original beauty. Rattan furniture is easy, so it can be easily moved from one place to another, it is long lasting and resistant to climate change.