The Tips You Must Know About The Carpet Cleaning

Whenever we spill something on our carpets, we start panicking as we do not know whether we can remove the stain from it. While there are a lot of cleaning companies we sometimes want to clean this on our own. Sometimes, the smell can be a problem, but this can be solved with the deodorizers that you can find at

Still, this time, we will stick to the tips that you should know if you plan to run this business or if you want to clean on your own.

Never rub stains on the carpet

One of the worst things that we can do to clean the stain is to rub them on the carpet. When we rub them, the pressure we apply forces the dirt to enter deeper into the fibers. This leads to the permanent damage of the fibers and that is why the stain stays there even when we remove the color. Instead of rubbing, perform blotting.

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When we blot, we apply a really small amount of pressure. Always use clean cloth or sponge for blotting! Also, never blot from inside to outside, but rather from outside to the inside of the stain to prevent the stain from spreading.

Use club soda

The club soda is highly effective for cleaning the beer and wine on your carpet. Also, avoid the rubbing but rather blot. Use a cloth and apply the club soda to it and then gently blot the stained area. Alternatively, if the stain is too hard, you can make a solution of white vinegar and water.

Then, spray the stain with the solution and do not touch it for the next 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, take the clean sponge and apply light pressure to soak up the stain. Try to perform this several times, with time pauses of 2-3 minutes. Then, after you clean it, take warm water and soak your hand brush with it and brush the carpet gently. Then, apply the paper towel over the stain to remove all the dampness from the fibers. This can take anywhere from a couple of hours to one day.

Frozen chewing gum

A lot of people is not aware that chewing gum can help in removing the stains. Take the chewing gum (in white color, if possible) and place it in the freezer for the minute or two. Once it is frozen, take it out and apply the gum to the dirty area.

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Now, wait a bit until it “sticks” to the carpet. Once stick, lift up the strands that are dirty and below the gum. Use a knife or any other sharp object to remove the stained strands below the gum and take off both gum and the strands. Just have in mind that you use this technique in case when you are not dealing with the huge dirts, as the smaller ones will not be noticeable. The larger ones will not turn out good, so do not do this if the stain is large.