Simple Fencing Ideas For Your Backyard

Spending time outdoor is cool, especially when you have a cool backyard and garden where you can sit and relax. Still, when you have a house, you need to fence your property to make sure no one accesses it without your permission as well as to make the whole property more compact. Various Site Fencing Services provide different types of fencing and purposes of these and it is always a good idea to check several companies to find the one that has exactly what you need. For that reason, we present you several types of fences that would look fantastic in your backyard. 

The combination of wood and metal

If you want something modern, yet not too expensive for your backyard, the combination of wood of metal is the way to go. Metal posts and frames will be used as the base, while wood bars will cover the gap and give natural look.

The combination of wood and metal
Combination of wood and metal

The metal frames will ensure enough stability, strength and security while the wood bars give a natural, inspiring and yet appealing look. Additionally, you can paint the metal frames to avoid that “metal” look and provide the more compactness to the whole fence. 

Bamboo for a natural look

Yes, the bamboo fence is one of the most appealing types of fences you will ever have as it gives the unique look and it is very appealing to our eyes. The bamboo comes from Asia and can withstand an enormous amount of heat, damp and cold so it is a type of material that should be cool for your backyard’s fence.

Bamboo for a natural look
Best natural look for your fence

If you want more stability and strength, combine the metal frames with bamboo and you will have a cool and strong fence. Though the level of privacy might be a bit reduced with this material, the amount of beauty and design is at the high level. 

Iron-wood fence

This combination gives elegant look and it is the best combination for those who want to customize their fence and make it more realistic. The customization possibilities are endless – whatever you think of, you can create with these two materials.

Iron-wood fence
Best tips for choosing Iron-wood fence

Some people like to leave some space between the planks so they can see through. For example, wrought iron bars ensure enough strength and stability while the little space is left between the sections so the fence is not completely closed.

Corrugated metal for an industrial look

Some people like the “harsh” look and will definitely enjoy in the industrial look of their fence. While not that appealing as the wood one is, the fence of corrugated metal offers a high level of security and stability, making this fence ideal for backyards that are located near the forests.

The wild animals cannot break it nor jump over it making you and your property safe. These are easy to install and they usually come in panels and sections so you could easier install it. There is no need to maintain it every year or two as it looks better as it gets old.